Panreac company

is one of the largest manufacturers of high quality chemicals in Europe. The spectrum of Panreac products includes the analytical and the super-high purity reagents; the solvents for spectrometry, chromatography and organic synthesis; the reagents of pharmacopoeia-grade quality and the food additives; the standards and the standard solutions and buffers; the reagents for histology, biochemistry, microbiology; the detergents, and many others. The catalog of Panreac Company includes more than 4000 products, which are exported in more than 80 countries and have an excellent reputation among their numerous consumers.

The Company Panreac was founded in Barcelona more than 60 years ago. Today the staff of Panreac factory includes more than 250 employees and the production and stock quarters occupy the area of 15,000 m2.

All this along with a mobile production policy gives to Panreac a possibility to rapidly respond to your orders and to produce the desired products for you including multi-tonnage supplies and the synthesis of reagents by special order. More information about Panreac you can find in the website.


The group Deltalab

with an experience of more than 30 years, manufactures and distributes a wide range of laboratory staff for chemical, clinical and industrial analysis and a new line of packaging material.

The products manufactured under the EUROTUBE brand follow the strictest quality controls.

The company is located in Rubí (Barcelona) where it possesses around 11500 square meters for its facilities. More than 100 professional experts are at the service for the clients. The Group is presented in more than 100 countries all over the world; it was awarded with various Prizes of both national and international professional contests.

The DELTALAB main catalogue is edited every 18 months and comprises more than 3000 products. The company staff is working continuously for improve and extent the product line. The DELTALAB products range includes two main groups: the Laboratory area and the Packaging area. The Laboratory area is a wide range of single use and reusable Labware as the swabs for sample collection and transport of microbiological material, sampling containers, blood collection tubes, test tubes, racks, etc. The Packaging area is presented by a variety of plastic containers and bottles with different capacities and uses.

Macherey-Nagel company

Macherey-Nagel company, founded in 1911 in Germany as filter paper manufacturer, after 90 years on the world market, actually is one of the leaders of production and sales of the products for chemical and bioanalysis, medical diagnostics, etc.The company has 5 product lines for various applications:

  • Fine and Microfiltration.
  • Rapid Tests.
  • Medical Diagnostics.
  • Bioanalysis.
  • Chromatography.

Macherey-Nagel subsidiaries work in France, Switzerland and USA. Worldwide net of distributers supply Macherey-Nagel products to over 150 countries. The company scientific personal includes over 30 Ph.D. scientists The client diversity of Macherey-Nagel is presented by the food, textil, galvanic, printing industry laboratories, clinics, medical research centers, pharmaceutical industry, genomic and proteomic laboratories, environmantal laboratories, education centers, etc.


Teknokromais an international pioneering Spanish

company with 25 years of experience in chromatography.

The company was born with the focus in introduction of the latest generation of technology onto the market. This policy successfully moved Teknokroma forward the leading role in gas chromatography and HPLC chromatography column manufacturing.

Highly qualified team, formed by chemists, pharmacists and technicians works in a creative, initiative and enthusiastic environment to provide new specialize and quality services and products for the industry and research.

The catalogue of Teknokroma contains more than 40.000 references of products for analytical techniques and continuously growth up basing on R&D Department development.

Nowadays Teknokroma is present in more than 35 countries, starting the international activity from 1998.